From the desk of Jim Shipman

Attn: Cities, Towns, Counties and Burroughs

RE: Projects and money to build them!

Let’s face it, you have more projects that your citizens are demanding than you have money to build. You are not alone but that doesn’t make it any better. Other communities are figuring out how to pay for these projects and being honest, people move to where the amenities are. How are they doing it???

Grants… but finding them takes time. Let’s take a look:

  • Time to research just two (2) grants – 2 hours of staff time
  • Prepare a report for the administration or governing body – 30 minutes minimum!

That’s 2.5 hours just for 2 grants. What does that cost?

2.5 hours x $15/hr=$37.50 + benefits (another $11.25) = $48.75 


But Jim, we have a grants department. That’s GREAT! Wouldn’t that time be better used actually applying for the grants instead of researching them?

Her’s my offer to you. – A monthly report in a format that staff, management and elected officials can understand. It has:

  • At least 25 funding sources in each report
  • Costs less than 1/2 of the staff time just to find 2 grants

That’s right! If you decide it brings tons of value to your community (an we know it will!), it will cost under half of what your staff costs are and will contain more than 12 times the amount of information!

{Insert pics of report}

Enter your email address below for your free sample report at absolutely NO COST to you. No obligation, no junk mail, no anything but a free sample of the report with live grants on it.

What have you got to lose?


PS. I have been in the grants universe for over a decade and been responsible for over $400 million in funding awards.

PSS. Seriously, no spam or junk mail. If I send you anything it will be new funding sources for free! 

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